Most Beautiful Butterflies Ever

Most Beautiful Butterflies Ever

Most Beautiful Butterflies Ever Butterflies have fascinated us for their beauty, frailty and the mystery surrounding its life. For time immortal, the great thing about butterflies had not only inspired poetic and creative imagination, but also has captured the curiosity of even of the small children.

It is clear that even our ancestors were moved by their behavior. After they noticed thousands of butterflies migrating towards "Sripada" (the sacred mountain which the Buddhists consider the Buddha's foot print was stamped) during the pilgrim season, they believed that the butterflies were migrating to pay homage to the Buddha. Thus they went to the extent of naming the most sacred mountain of Sri Lanka, the Sripada, as "Samanala kanda".

At present, although this migration still takes place in some areas of Sri Lanka, it couldn't been seen in many of the areas, as a consequence of human intervention on the environment. Thus it's sad to notice that many of the present youthful generation, has not seen this nature's fascinating spectacle. Still there is hope, as environmentalist and others who've taken curiosity on this subject, has discovered that by offering the required atmosphere, we may still recreate this vanishing butterfly migration.

Researchers have found through fossil evidence, the butterflies have been on this earth for over 30million years. When classifying butterflies, some scientists have earlier described the butterflies being belonging only, to eleven (eleven) families, then subsequently it became (2) super families and five (5) families. At present most scientists have categorized butterflies belonging to 3 (3) super families and five (5) families.

To determine butterfly gardens you need to have few Host vegetation, Nectar vegetation and land space. On the inception, it's endorsed to plant 'Adana Hiriya' 'Wara' 'Aththora' 'Akkapana'',Kiri Aguna wel', as Host vegetation and 'Balunakuta', Shoe flower, Trdex, Zeeniyas, Ixora as Nectar Plants. A used earthen curd milk pot with mud, sunk to ground level and a container to hold some ripe fruits will probably be sufficient for a small garden. To determine a large garden knowledgeable recommendation is needed. Most Beautiful Butterflies Ever

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